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The Smile Centre Dental PracticeThe Smile Centre
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James LoweJames Lowe

Waited 5 weeks to be seen, turned up 4 minutes late and then had to rebook for 4 week's time. Hands up who's been seen by a dentist immediately in their entire life?!

Ended up changing practices to Cripps Dental Centre who could fit me in within 6 days.

Patricia Holt-MurphyPatricia Holt-Murphy

Have just read the reviews (whilst in the waiting room before my appointment). Everyone here works hard to look after you. I do not understand the criticisms of the reception staff. I have always found them to be friendly, courteous and helpful, both face to face and on the telephone. As a nervous patient this is a great help in that five minutes between arrival and being called for my appointment. As far as I'm concerned this is a 5* practice where I've had a range of treatments over the years.

keely heathkeely heath

The dentis in the down stairs room near reception is bitter, hostile and arrogant. Wouldn't go there again now because if him.

Esther GarciaEsther Garcia

I went to register last September for booking an urgent appointment, they told me that ok, and gave me a form to fill, when I went back with the form they told me that they were not accepting new patients and that I could try going one month later, so I went a month later and I was successfully registered. They booked and appointment for me in November, which they cancelled the day before because the dentist wasn't available, at this point I was 8 months pregnant, and I highlighted that the issue was urgent as I was in pain. They told me not to worry as they will contact me asap to book another appointment, but I never received any call back, soI contact them again to book another appointment, explaining what happen with the previous one, and yes they give a new one two months later... when the issue was still urgent and I am still in pain... when I finally went to the appointment two months later, they have lost the form I filled for them twice and nothing was done to solve my issue, they just gave me another appointment for the end of April, so in other two months time 🙁 This is unbelievable as they make you feel bad as a patient and not respected at all.

Nina TaylorNina Taylor

Excellent service, friendly but professional staff, good variety of NHS and Private treatments at very affordable prices

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